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Natural gas in its pure state (in normal pressure, 14.73 PSIA, 60 F) is an odourless, colourless, non-toxic and tasteless gas but explosive and incendiary; in other hand Dioxide and monoxide are toxic to dead in very shortage time. For that, the only secure way of being away of the danger is the detectable odour of fuel gases is a safety measure with certain equipment. In case of gas leaking; it in no way to feel it. So it could be serious danger.

If your gas unit has broken and needs a technician then don’t panic, you are only one phone call away from speaking to one of the most reputable and established boiler / furnace Repair Company in Calgary.

Best Budget Boiler and Plumbing Inc. has a fleet of fully equipped HVAC repair trucks that are constantly operating and responding to emergency calls. We have enough spare parts, as our aim is to try and fix your furnace and Boiler on the first visit.
We pride ourselves in being a market leader in our industry, and we therefore hire only the most highly skilled technicians who can quickly identify the issue, make the repair, and get your home heating back to normal.

There are numerous reasons why a furnace and Boiler could break down, and it requires an experienced service technician to efficiently diagnose the issue without multiple visits or the replacement of unnecessary parts.
Using the car analogy, it’s vital to have you car serviced regularly to keep it running efficiently, but to also to help prevent major issues occurring, the same is true of your furnace.

If your furnace and boiler are never serviced and maintained, it will ultimately have an issue, and the lack of care and attention will often result in that issue being a major breakdown that requires substantial repairs and cost to rectify. In worse case scenarios the furnace and boiler may be ‘red-tagged’, which means the fault is so severe that it poses a dangerous risk to you and your family (remember your furnace is a combustion engine in your home).
Regular furnace servicing will reduce the risk of major malfunctions, it will keep it running efficiently, keep your family safe of potentially deadly gas and carbon monoxide leaks, but will also keep any warranty you have valid.
As well as furnace and boiler repair, BBB Furnace is a specialist in furnace and boiler servicing.
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